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Serenity Series

The Serenity series represents tranquil days where you may find yourself lounging and relaxing under a shaded tree, perhaps sipping an icy cold glass of lemonade or ice tea, looking up at the night sky, counting the stars and then listening to the cool whispers of the leaves singing in the breeze.  The harmonious change of colors in the leaves symbolizes nature's rejuvenation.   The ruffles in the leaves reflect the wind's gentle breeze.  These leaves were first introduced mid-2003 and in 2004 I updated and miniaturized the leaves to half the original size.  This allows many leaves to be utilized in beadwork without the addition of weight.

In October 2003, Lark Books selected the Serenity series to be part of their juried 1000 Glass Beads: Innovation & Imagination in Contemporary Glass Beadmaking book.  But since the publication, I have been busy developing new color schemes.  Most of the leaves are made with 3 transparent colors using Italian glass.  I have also expanded the series and developed leaves inspired by Milk Glass (reminiscent of Fenton Art Glass) which  incorporates a translucent and a transparent glass in complimentary colors using American glass.  Another variation to this series is a cut leaf shape.  There are MANY colors (and more are being developed overtime) to select from and each strand contains 5 leaves tied nicely with ribbon.  These leaves are individually sculpted, therefore sizes will range dependent on stock on-hand.  A 10% discount will be applied (before calculated shipping rates) when 10 or more strands of Serenity, Serenity Milkglass, Serenity Cut and Ginkgo leaves are ordered together in one shipment.    You can mix and match between these leaf series to meet the quantity discount.

In July 2007, Naomi Fujimoto, senior editor of BeadStyle Magazine, featured the Serenity leaves in her book Cool Jewels.  Then in Stringing Fall 2007, the Serenity leaves were also featured as leaves the Interweave editors loved! The Serenity leaves have also been featured in a number of publications since it's creation in 2003.


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