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Simply Beads Magazine: April 2008
"Passion's Poem"
Designed by Jean Yates

Time for celebrations.  YAY. Hooray.  Whoopee.  (jumping up and down!)  My excellent pal and fellow designer, Jean Yates, never ceases to amaze me. In our latest collaboration, Jean's Passion's Poem for Simply Beads April 2008 Magazine, features a Red Haiku bead.  The Haiku bead has been made in many colors but the red version is extra special.  Red symbolizes different things in many cultures.  However, what is most common in most cultures is that the color symbolizes love and passion In Chinese and many Asian cultures, the red color also symbolizes good fortune, luck and prosperity.  Although generally pertaining to wealth in the monetary sense, for me the Red Haiku symbolizes my good fortune, luck and prosperity of creating wonderful friendships through my beads. And Jean was able to exude this feeling in "Passion's Poem".  THANK YOU Jean. This is the second cover that Jean and I both have been on together.  We first met through Jamie Hogsett and Stringing Magazine Spring 2006 issue, where we both shared that cover!  YAY!



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