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Lampwork Beads
Strata Metallic Focal Series

Strata are bands of different colored or differently structured material exposed in cliffs, road cuts, quarries, and river banks.  Living in a mountain community, there are many cliffs and mountains nearby.  I was inspired to capture the striations of the cliffs in glass, thus the name of this series.  For Tucson 2008, while prototyping the Sandstorm series, the Strata Metallic series was born. This organic bead and it's finish compliments iris, AB, satin and luster beads well.  These tube beads range from 1.5" to nearly 3".  

All beads are individually packed, wrapped in tissue paper and shipped bubble-wrapped via US Priority with delivery confirmation.  For additional shipping and ordering details, visit the Ordering page.  When emailing your order, please include the item number(s) and a short description.  An invoice summary will be emailed to you within 24 hours, unless I am out of town.

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Item #: STR-Met
Strata Metallic
Total Beads: 1
1.5" to 3"
Mandrel Size: 3/32"  Hole Size: 3mm
About: A mix of transparent and opaque Italian glass made to mimic bands of sediment exposed in cliffs, road cuts, quarries and river banks.  Colors and selections will vary from batch to batch.  Instead of a matte finish it has a metallic finish that blends well with iris, AB, satin and luster beads well.


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