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Lampwork Beads
Mesa Focal Series

The Mesa series was created for Tucson 2005, my first major show.  Since it was the first time I attended and exhibited my glass work in Tucson, I wanted to create a focal series to pay tribute to the Southwest.  As a fan of turquoise and silver, it is no surprise that I am also a big fan of Southwest arts and crafts.  Each focal contains a painterly approach of my interpretation of the Southwest.  The colors in this series are predominantly burnt oranges, tans, turquoise blues, raw umber and sienna.  Each bead is framed with a black border as if the bead was a painting.  The colors lend themselves well when combined with turquoise beads and whether just strung up or in a crochet rope design, you will have a little bit of the Southwest near you at all times.  The focals are very fun to make because of the randomness of the swirls (as if the wind was blowing)  and the unpredictability of the final colors.   Some of the Mesa beads are etched to give them  a soft worn look and feel.  These tubes range from 1.75" to nearly 3".  

All beads are individually packed, wrapped in tissue paper and shipped bubble-wrapped via US Priority with delivery confirmation.  For additional shipping and ordering details, visit the Ordering page.  When emailing your order, please include the item number(s) and a short description.  An invoice summary will be emailed to you within 24 hours, unless I am out of town.

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Item #: MS
Total Beads:
1.75" to 3"
Mandrel Size: 3/32"  Hole Size: 3mm
About: Made with Italian glass, Mesa is a painterly approach capturing the essence of Southwest and it's earthy colors.  The random black lines add fluidity as if the wind was blowing.  Colors are burnt oranges, tans, turquoise blues, raw umber and sienna.  Because of the special combination of glass colors used, the colors will vary from batch to batch.  Colors can be muted to vibrant based on torch and kiln settings.  Each focal is framed in black.


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