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Haiku Focals

The art of Haiku poetry was officially born in Japan at the beginning of the Tokugawa shogunate (1603-1770).  This poetic form has always consisted of three-lined verse of seventeen syllables, arranged in alternating lines of five, seven and five syllables each.   Having traveled to Japan on several occasions, I am deeply drawn to their arts and esthetics.  You will see the Japanese influence in my glass work often.  This series was inspired by the changing seasons and the beauty of nature portrayed in classic  Japanese Haiku poetry.  The focal beads are my interpretation of the changing seasons and of the falling leaves/blossoms floating in a pond.  The variety of colors in the Haiku series were also influenced by beautiful silk kimonos.  The focals in this catalog are only a sampling of some of the fabulous colors now available (violet, coral, aqua, lavender, cranberry pink, soft pink, denim,  teal, and more colors are continually being developed).  There are 7-8 different steps and multi-layers of glass combined to create the depth in the Haiku beads.  Every angle you look will tell a different story.   The shape of the Haiku bead is reminiscent of the Inro box worn on the Obi (kimono sash) which held small objects and trinkets.    For a more expansive selection, visit me at one of my shows or email to select from the show stock.

In April 2007, the Haiku bead was chosen as an editor's pick and two of the beads graced the cover of Beadwork's Annual Beads 2007 issue.  Jean Yates' Passion's Poem, featuring a Red Haiku bead, graces the cover of Simply Beads April 2008 MagazineThe Haiku beads have also been featured in a number of publications since it's creation in 2005, my first Tucson show.

All beads are individually packed, wrapped in tissue paper and shipped bubble-wrapped via US Priority with delivery confirmation.  For additional shipping and ordering details, visit the Ordering page.  When emailing your order, please include the item number(s) and a short description.  An invoice summary will be emailed to you within 24 hours, unless I am out of town.

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Item #: HK
Total Beads:
20mm x 38mm
Mandrel Size: 3/32"  Hole Size: 3mm
About: Made with American soda-lime glass, the Haiku bead comes in an assortment of colors that were inspired by beautiful silk kimonos.  The abstract surface decorations symbolizes leaves or petals floating in a pond. The black lines usually through the center of the bead adds fluidity to the design.  The sampling in the photo are just a few of the colors available.


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