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Australian Beading Magazine: Vol. 1 No. 1

I am deeply honored to be one of the American artists featured in the premiere launch issue of Australian Beading Magazine from Universal Magazines.  Universal is the largest specialty magazine publisher in Australia.  And when Kelly Norton, the editor of this beautiful publication, invited me to be part of the launch issue, who could refuse?  You will find an artist profile interview on pages 89 - 90.  Then on pages 91 - 92, you'll find a multi-strand necklace project titled "Curacao Breeze".  

This is the first time I've written for an Australian publication and Kelly mentioned to me that the magazine would be launched during the  summertime. I decided to design the  necklace with this in mind.  The Curacao Breeze  necklace combines my disk shaped borosilicate beads with a 24kt gold electroformed Sugar Maple leaf.  The color scheme is a combination of blues and greens which harmoniously portrays the colors of the serene waters of an island beach.  Imagine walking along at the edge of the water, listening to the peaceful sounds of the tide rolling in and out in a gentle breeze, as the water tickles your bare feet.  Faceted amazonite and new jade beads are intermixed with keishi pearls, in this  multi-strand design.  The  sea-green mossy borosilicate beads accent the Sugar Maple leaf pendant wonderfully.  Visit the catalog for other electroformed leaves you can use in a similar design.  The borosilicate disk beads are available at my shows and  come in a variety of custom mix colors  made in small batches.

With the debut of the magazine, I want to also announce that Maria George Pty Ltd.  in Melbourne and Sydney will be the FIRST stores in Australia to carry my glass beads and electroformed leaves.   Maria George has  a long history in Melbourne (opened in 1957)  and is celebrating it's 50 year anniversary this year.  For locations visit the Where to Buy link and scroll to the International section.  Thank you Linda for working with me to make this happen!  And hello to everyone in Australia! 


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