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Lisa Kan Lampwork
Chameleon Series

I am always inspired by nature.  Looking at these beads and their changing colors reminds me of how a chameleon camouflages itself  in it's environment as a protective mechanism.  The beads incorporate a  myriad of custom blended colors and use of metal colorants give a "reptilian" appearance to the beads.  Because of the metal colorants, these beads can glisten gold, bronze, copper and silver dependent on the angle of light.  Some pretty nifty chemical reactions happened with these beads.  The beads currently come in several shapes: rounds, tabs and random silver dots.  Other shapes will be added later.  Generally there are 9 beads to a set (12-13mm) or you can order them individually.  Each set will of course vary in color but the photos below give you a good idea of some of the variations already created.  (This series is in the process of being reformulated for 2008 or 2009 re-introduction)


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