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Le Fiore Vive Floral Series

The Le Fiore Vive series was born on Sunday 12/29/02 and averages 1.25 to 2.50 inches lengthwise - a miniature canvas - as I like to work on the small scale.  Le Fiore Vive is Italian for "The Living Flower".  And in glass, the beauty of these flowers will indeed live forever.  Many of my creations are inspired by mother nature's colorful palette. All the flower colors are custom blended to create the 3D effect and depth.  It takes 2 days to make each bead, from the custom blended floral canes to the execution of the bead itself.  Using glass as my paintbrush, 2.5mm to 3mm custom blended canes, are slowly "painted" on petal by petal then stem/leaf canes are added carefully, while keeping the surface decorations un-melted for a 3D effect.  I hope you will drop by often to see the numerous flowers I intend to add to this series over time.   The beads are fully decorated on the entire circumference of the bead surface.   This series has taken a metamorphoses and improved over the years.  Sometimes, I offer this series in watercolor versions using enamels (fine powdered glass).  For the time being, since Tucson 2006, I re-introduced this series with new shapes (vases and tubes) and longer stem freesia-like flowers.  Previous pieces to this  series can be viewed in the Gallery.  

In April 2003, the Le Fiore Vive beads were selected to be part of James Kervin's Book More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Glass Beadmaking, 5th Edition.  In February 2005, Lark Books also selected the Le Fiore Vive beads (watercolor versions) for inclusion in Kimberly Adam's, The Complete Book of Glass Beadmaking.

All beads are individually packed, wrapped in tissue paper and shipped bubble-wrapped via US Priority with delivery confirmation.  For additional shipping and ordering details, visit the Ordering page.  When emailing your order, please include the item number(s) and a short description.  An invoice summary will be emailed to you within 24 hours, unless I am out of town.

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Item #: LFV
Le Fiore Vive
1.25" to 2.50"
Mandrel Size: 3/32" 
Hole Size:
About:  Custom blended floral and leaf canes, from 2.5mm to 3mm in diameter, are used like a paintbrush to slowly decorate the surface of the bead, in the flame.  The base can be opaque, transparent, or a combination of both.  Surface decorations with enamel or frit (small bits of colored glass) may also be utilized.  The current florals in this series resemble long stem freesia-like flowers.  Shapes range from tubes to vases and are are perfect for lariat designs. 


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