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Freshwater Pearls

I use a LOT of pearls in my designs and many times I get asked where I buy my pearls.  If you have read my projects in beading magazines you'll know some of my bead resources. Even then, picking pearls may be difficult for some. Therefore I have collaborated with a friend, a pearl wholesaler and importer, to bring the same exotic pearls I use in my work at the incredible price of $5/strand. Each strand is a standard 16 inches and will range in the quantity of beads per strand dependent on their size/shape. These pearls are valued at $10 to $25 retail per strand, but I have the inside connections to treat my customers.  If you want exotic colored pearls that match well to my lampwork beads this is the place to get them.   So even if you can't make it to one of my shows, you'll still be able to get these incredible deals.  Pearl colors will vary from time to time so if you are working on an elaborate project, pick up an extra strand, just in case.  I personally hand-select all pearls.  To learn more about how these exotic colors are achieved, read my pearl article on Softflex Company's website. 

Photos are taken under professional halogen photo lights and pearl sizes are rounded to the closest millimeter.  The luster on these pearls are incredibly gorgeous and the $5 price break makes them an extremely great value.  

For every 10 strands you purchase in one order, SALE PRICE is $4.25/strand
For every 20+ strands you purchase in one order, SALE PRICE is $3.75/strand
Note: Shipping for 20 strands is the same price as 10 strands, a flat rate of $5.00 via Priority envelop.

Picture Description Price Status
Freshwater Pearls
Item #: FWP36B
Color: Gold Copper
Size: 6x6.5mm



In Stock

10 strands left


Freshwater Pearls
Item #: FWP39A
Color: Copper Metallic
Size: 5mm

In Stock

7 strands left

Freshwater Pearls
Item #: FWP51
Color: Cream
Size: 4x4.5mm

In Stock

25 strands left


Freshwater Pearls
Item #: FWP54B
Color: Peach
Size: 4mm
$5.00 In Stock

5 strands left




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